Lorenzo Dada - Second Life LP CPCD002

Lorenzo Dada - Second Life LP CPCD002 Culprit

ARTIST Lorenzo Dada
LABEL Culprit
GENRE Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo, Techno

  1. Lorenzo Dada - City Of Angels (Original Mix) 05:56 124bpm G#min
  2. Lorenzo Dada - Early Years (Original Mix) 05:59 123bpm A#min
  3. Lorenzo Dada - Eclipse (Original Mix) 05:18 124bpm Cmaj
  4. Lorenzo Dada - Eternal City (Original Mix) 04:21 114bpm Cmaj
  5. Lorenzo Dada - For The Rest Of My Life (Original Mix) 06:07 123bpm Emin
  6. Lorenzo Dada - I Will See You Again Featuring Kennymak (Original Mix) 03:32 120bpm D#min
  7. Lorenzo Dada - Love For Love (Nitin Remix) 06:54 125bpm Amin
  8. Lorenzo Dada - Love For Love (Original Mix) 03:54 128bpm F#min
  9. Lorenzo Dada - Second Life (Original Mix) 04:12 99bpm Gmin
  10. Lorenzo Dada - Skeleton Key (Original Mix) 06:05 108bpm Emin
  11. Lorenzo Dada - Skeleton Key (Sxnths Remix) 06:11 119bpm D#min
  12. Lorenzo Dada - The Journey (Original Mix) 07:52 123bpm Emin

An accomplished pianist, with a sophisticated ear and a natural feel for harmony, Lorenzo Dada has steadily applied his considerable skills to his first love electronic music. On February 19th, he is taking a major artistic leap by preparing his debut album, Second Life, for Culprit his musical home. Second Life marks Culprits second venture into an album territory and the first one in 7 years. It is melodically rich, texturally layered, at times brooding, tender at others. Lorenzo'ss keyboard mastery is on full display, but in a non-showy, focused way. He manages to create distinct soundscapes that form a coherent whole. Culprit are thrilled with the result, which also features vital contributions from two friends of the label : Benoit Simon of Benoit & Sergio, who is exploring the new Sxnths alias, and Nitin of No.19 and The BPM Festival fame. Their respective reworks showcase the artists respective strengths.

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