Abstract Afro Journey Vol. 1 Mixed by Ron Trent FLAC

Abstract Afro Journey By Ron Trent (Digital Edition)

RELEASE TITLE Abstract Afro Journey By Ron Trent (Digital Edition)
LABEL Nite Grooves
GENRE House, Afro House, Deep House, Classic House, Soulful House, DJ Tools
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2010-02-08

  1. Basil - Time To Be Free (Free Words) 04:17 126bpm Gmin
  2. Sirius Be - African Dreamland (Afro Lounge Mix) 06:27 80bpm D♭maj
  3. Anthony Nicholson - Revolution (Miquifaye Extended Pass) 10:04 94bpm D♭min
  4. New African Orchestra - Village Dance (USG Village Dance) 09:56 120bpm Amin
  5. Alton Miller - Love Inside (Detroit Dub) 06:43 120bpm E♭min
  6. Mateo Mato - Congo Deep (Detroit Dub) 07:59 125bpm Gmin
  7. Ananda Project - I Hear You Dreaming feat. Heather Johnson (Album Version) 06:36 117bpm D♭min
  8. Ron Trent - Afro Journey Beats (Original Mix) 04:59 122bpm Bmin
  9. Afro Centric Vibe - Lets Be Free (Deep Instrumental) 06:27 126bpm Cmin
  10. Dennis Ferrer - Dem People Go (DFs Kicked Out Mix) 06:41 125bpm Dmin
  11. Kerri Chandler - Nigelian Travels (Kaoz 6:23 Mix) 06:20 122bpm A♭min
  12. Kings Dub - The Rhythm (Original Mix) 06:24 122bpm Bmin
  13. Kings Dub - Welcome Sire (Rockers Extended) 08:32 122bpm Amin
  14. DJ Spinna - Deep Rooted (Alternative Mix) 06:15 121bpm A♭maj
  15. Ananda Project - Cascades Of Colour feat. Gaelle Adisson (Wamdue Black Mix) 06:43 82bpm Gmin
  16. Kerri Chandler - Ye Yo Ma (Original Mix) 06:58 126bpm Dmaj
  17. Blaze - Season Of Love (Early Morning Mix) 07:10 95bpm Gmin
  18. Various Artists - Abstract Afro Journey (Continuous DJ Mix) 73:53 100bpm Amin

Rhythm is the foundation of life.From sex and birth to walking and talking, just about every other basic function that keeps living things on this planet alive is based on this cyclical rhythmic pattern. People grooving to a primal house beat is based on the same principal. Add to that smooth pumping Afro rhythms, that house music is ultimately based on, and you have all the makings of a joyous head nodding, foot stomping extended experience. Producer/DJ/Remixer Ron Trent (whose done countless events with the formidable Giant Step crew) lends his talent, as well as three of his own original productions, by mixing this special debut version of our Afro Lounge series that is sure to move the soul. On this 73-minute percussive journey we hear the pulse of many popular underground Afro tracks like “African Dreamland” by Sirius Be, “Congo Deep” by Mateo & Matos, and “The Rhythm” by the man himself, Ron Trent presents Kings Dub. Topped off by renowned producers Kerri Chandler, Blaze, this is one percussive work of art.


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