Beatport Best New Hype Deep House February 2020

Beatport Best New Hype Deep House February 2020

Beatport Best New Hype Deep House February 2020
GENRE Deep House
RELEASE DATE 2020-02-15
CHART DATE 2020-02-03


  1. AIFF Ant LaRock - Dirty Thoughts (Original mix) 08:32 120bpm F#min Brook Gee Records
  2. FLAC Christian Nielsen - Now You're Free (Original Mix) 06:01 122bpm Fmin Exploited Ghetto
  3. FLAC Daniele Cucinotta - No Good For Me (Neon Transmission Remix) 05:51 123bpm Emaj OverSoul Records
  4. FLAC Demarkus Lewis - Burn It Down (Original Mix) 05:55 125bpm G#min Subtractive Recordings
  5. FLAC Fabrication - Chasing Infinity (Original Mix) 07:18 116bpm Dmaj Recovery Collective
  6. FLAC Forma - Going Down Real Slow (Original Mix) 04:24 125bpm D#maj Nurvous Records
  7. FLAC Goosebump - Redemption (Original Mix) 03:01 125bpm Bmin Chemiztri Recordings
  8. FLAC Habibi Grooves - Lovers Past (Original Mix) 06:50 125bpm Bmin House Cookin Records
  9. AIFF Jinadu, UpAllNight - Silent Praise (Kevin Yost Remix) 07:47 119bpm Amin Eyedyllic Music
  10. FLAC Knuckle G - Late Night Walk (Original Mix) 05:10 118bpm Emin De La Groove
  11. FLAC Lauhaus, Mario Franca - Sundown (Original Mix) 07:30 121bpm A#min Oh! Records Stockholm
  12. FLAC Medsound - I Know (Original Mix) 05:05 120bpm Fmaj Salted Music
  13. AIFF Nopi (UA) - Memory (Original Mix) 08:06 119bpm D#min Highway Records
  14. FLAC Ouse - Blessing (Original Mix) 06:56 120bpm Bmin Ouse
  15. MP3 Pete Moss, Onur Ozman - I Can't Even (Original Mix) 06:36 125bpm Dmin Nordic Trax
  16. FLAC Prasad Gaitonde, kSaya - Todi (Original Mix) 06:33 124bpm Dmaj White Line Music
  17. FLAC Ritz - Everybody's Getting High (Original Mix) 06:03 127bpm Amin Piston Recordings
  18. FLAC Rony Seikaly - Just Wanna Feel Good (Harry Romero Remix) 06:04 125bpm Amin Stride
  19. FLAC Scibi - Always (Moe Turk Extended Remix) 05:16 122bpm A#min Deepalma
  20. FLAC Scibi - Summertime (Extended Mix) 07:56 122bpm A#maj Deepalma
  21. FLAC Simba - Can You Free Me? feat. Maddie Ellerby (Original Mix) 07:01 124bpm Dmin Quintessentials
  22. FLAC Soledrifter - So Lucky (Original Mix) 06:00 123bpm Bmin Puro Music
  23. FLAC Tom Caruso - Ready (Original Mix) 06:00 124bpm Bmin Hungarian Hot Wax


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