Drunken Kong - Where We Start TR350 AIFF

Where We Start

ARTIST Drunken Kong
LABEL Tronic
GENRE Techno, DJ Tools
AUDIO FORMAT AIFF Lossless 1411kbps
RELEASE DATE 2020-02-10

  1. Drunken Kong - Certain Reason (Original Mix) 07:21 127bpm Dmaj
  2. Drunken Kong - This Is (Original Mix) 05:28 124bpm Dmin
  3. Drunken Kong - Live & Create (Original Mix) 07:31 128bpm Amin
  4. Drunken Kong - Neo (Original Mix) 07:02 128bpm A#min
  5. Christian Smith, Drunken Kong - Toro (Original Mix) 06:57 130bpm Dmaj
  6. Drunken Kong - See You Again (Original Mix) 02:30 160bpm Gmaj
  7. Drunken Kong - The Tree (Original Mix) 07:35 128bpm Dmin
  8. Drunken Kong - Where We Start (Original Mix) 08:00 128bpm Dmaj
  9. Drunken Kong - Flex (Original Mix) 06:57 130bpm Gmin
  10. Drunken Kong - Driven (Original Mix) 07:32 128bpm Dmin
  11. Teenage Mutants, Drunken Kong - Mainz (Original Mix) 06:33 128bpm Amin
  12. Drunken Kong - The Arrival (Original Mix) 01:32 160bpm Amaj
  13. Drunken Kong - Red Patterns (Original Mix) 08:37 122bpm Amaj
  14. Drunken Kong - Step Back (Original Mix) 07:46 128bpm Dmaj
  15. Teenage Mutants, Drunken Kong - Tokyo (Original Mix) 07:58 128bpm Amaj
  16. Drunken Kong - Moments (Original Mix) 08:28 128bpm D#maj

Following the internationally celebrated release of their debut album The Signs Within in 2017, burgeoning Japanese techno duo Drunken Kong look to kick off a brand new decade in emphatic fashion, with the release of their eagerly-anticipated sophomore long player, Where We Start.

Out now via Christian Smith's esteemed Tronic Music imprint, Where We Start marks the second full-length opus from the Tokyo-based outfit, whose impressive catalogue of unique techno productions have also been homed by the likes of Terminal M, Octopus Recordings, Stil Vor Talent and Session Womb to name a few.

Featuring a total of sixteen diverse cuts, including thirteen brand new Drunken Kong originals, two recent collaborations with Mainz-based outfit Teenage Mutants and one exclusive new collab with Tronic head honcho Christian Smith, Where We Start is Drunken Kong's most extensive body of work to date, and goes a long way in showcasing the inexhaustible creativity of one of the most prolific double acts in techno right now. For the full album tracklist, see below.

Speaking about the forthcoming album release and the inspiration behind the project, Drunken Kong commented:

'Our new album, 'Where We Start' was built around an idea and inspiration that came from our new stage in life, which was parenting. Having a child, was something new to us and we wanted to create an album which directly reflected and captured various feelings and emotions we had at different moments'.


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