Feeder Open Calling TZH128 AIFF

VA - Feeder Open Calling

RELEASE TITLE VA - Feeder Open Calling
LABEL Tzinah Records
GENRE Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House
AUDIO FORMAT AIFF Lossless 16bit 1411kbps
RELEASE DATE 2020-01-14

Because we have kind of the same mission, because we have kind of the same passion, because we love to promote the underground artists and to bring new music to your ears, we teamed up with feeder.ro and we have another prize for their Open Call contest for producers, and that is a realease into our world wide know music label. As Primarie was part of the jury for this contest, and had to choose 3 tracks for the winning places, and we continued the picking until we had not ten but eleven, for a special VA. We're welcoming to our record label new artists: GJetson, Widovski, Mryn, Jack Cheler, Sonder, Zeitgeist, Gustave, Empat and Red Pig Flower in addition to our collegues Paradoxal, Techu, and Steve . This is the story of VA - Feeder Open Calling from Tzinah with Love.

  1. Paradoxal - Lost Treasure in the Woods (Original Mix) 08:35 125bpm Dmin
  2. Techu - Pana De Curent (Original Mix) 09:13 125bpm Dmin
  3. Gjetson - Faithmore (Original Mix) 08:23 124bpm C#min
  4. Widovski - Erised's Mirror (Original Mix) 09:28 125bpm Amin
  5. Steve (RO) - Archonic (Original Mix) 08:45 125bpm D#min
  6. Mryn - Eerie (Original Mix) 09:48 126bpm A#maj
  7. Jack Cheler - Photography (Original Mix) 07:35 125bpm Amaj
  8. Sonder - Space Baby (Original Mix) 08:55 124bpm Gmin
  9. Zeitgeist, Gustave - El Laberinto (Original Mix) 06:36 126bpm Bmin
  10. Empat - Voice Within (Original Mix) 07:58 125bpm Emaj
  11. Red Pig Flower - You Are Not Mine (Original Mix) 08:24 127bpm Fmaj


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