Sticky Leaks, Vol.3 FLAC

Sticky Leaks, Vol.3

RELEASE TITLE Sticky Leaks, Vol.3
LABEL Sticky Ground
GENRE Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2020-02-21

The time for a new bag of leaks has come! The box is bigger than is ever been so far, with 26 tracks enclosed in a double tape rave case box set as tradition requires. In here you will find a large variety of tracks, going from straight techno tools, raw cuts, electro trips, old school sounds, heavy & chill, straight & break beats, some good clean and loots of dirt. In a word, don't expect. Just listen.

  1. Alessandro Nero - Lords of the Underground (Original Mix) 05:17 130bpm A#min
  2. b.mod - Adagio (Original Mix) 05:46 124bpm C#min
  3. Casper Hastings - Uisce (Original Mix) 05:21 132bpm Dmaj
  4. Deep Dimension - Jam0912 (Gabber Edit) 05:49 145bpm Emin
  5. Detention - The Disrupted Self Image of a Fourteen Year Old Girl (Original Mix) 04:41 93bpm Bmin
  6. Distorted Planet - Numero Zero (Original Mix) 08:42 135bpm Amin
  7. Kenny Campbell, Duellist - Like a Brass Knuckle Knocking Your Teeth (Original Mix) 05:42 137bpm Amaj
  8. E.L.I.A.S. - Wrong Scheme (Original Mix) 07:04 138bpm Amaj
  9. Ectoplasm, Hedra - XX (Original Mix) 05:27 135bpm Amaj
  10. Good Room - Say Nothing (Original Mix) 05:48 135bpm Amin
  11. Kaylah - Purple Doves (Original Mix) 05:40 138bpm Dmin
  12. Klankman - Big Data Algorithm Cyborg (Original Mix) 07:14 125bpm Dmin
  13. K├╝etzal - Try to Solo the Kick (Original Mix) 05:53 138bpm A#maj
  14. Leafeater - Shortwave (Original Mix) 05:38 131bpm Fmaj
  15. Mickey Nox - Past the Realm of Pain (Original Mix) 06:18 136bpm Dmin
  16. Moth - I won't do what you tell me (Original Mix) 06:33 138bpm A#maj
  17. - Emergency Lane (Original Mix) 05:40 136bpm Amin
  18. Ozone - Means to an End (Original Mix) 06:24 138bpm A#min
  19. Sancta Sanctorum - Irrational Machine (Original Mix) 06:20 138bpm G#min
  20. Syrette - Skrappy Kant (Original Mix) 04:53 135bpm Amin
  21. Thanos Hana - Social Zero (Original Mix) 05:42 137bpm Fmaj
  22. The Fifth Stigma - Consumed by the Desire of Contempt (Original Mix) 04:02 120bpm Bmin
  23. The Spy - The Way You Work That (Original Mix) 05:34 142bpm Dmaj
  24. Theo Nasa - I Sold My Soul for Alien Conversion (Original Mix) 07:42 135bpm Cmin
  25. Undying Minds - They Said She Moved to Detroit (Original Mix) 04:33 135bpm Dmin
  26. Vincenzo Pizzi - Future Paranoia (Original Mix) 05:03 125bpm D#min


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