Hidden Empire - Mind Palace SVT216

Hidden Empire - Mind Palace SVT216 Stil Vor Talent

ARTIST Hidden Empire
LABEL Stil Vor Talent
GENRE Melodic, Electronica / Downtempo
RELEASE DATE 2018-03-23


  1. Hidden Empire - Acid Flashback (Original Mix) 05:36 122bpm Dmin
  2. Hidden Empire - Asmoday (Original Mix) 08:05 125bpm Gmaj
  3. Hidden Empire - Black Beauty (Original Mix) 07:08 126bpm Emaj
  4. Hidden Empire - Brave Of The Minority (Original Mix) 06:52 122bpm Gmaj
  5. Hidden Empire - Dejavu (Original Mix) 03:15 105bpm C#min
  6. Hidden Empire - Fafnir (Original Mix) 06:33 124bpm Fmaj
  7. Hidden Empire - Hummus (Original Mix) 06:58 122bpm F#min
  8. Hidden Empire - In The Woods (Original Mix) 05:49 122bpm Emaj
  9. Hidden Empire - Journey Into Self (Original Mix) 04:54 116bpm Dmin
  10. Hidden Empire - Limbo In Detroit (Original Mix) 06:01 122bpm Gmaj
  11. Hidden Empire - Marching Whales (Original Mix) 02:20 94bpm D#maj
  12. Hidden Empire - Mind Palace (Original Mix) 04:35 135bpm C#maj
  13. Hidden Empire - Natural Takeover (Original Mix) 06:01 126bpm G#maj
  14. Hidden Empire - Tornado (Original Mix) 06:42 126bpm Fmaj
  15. Hidden Empire - World Of Fantasy (Original Mix) 06:33 124bpm Gmin
  16. Hidden Empire, Inga Nelke - Pure (Original Mix) 06:16 120bpm Amin

With just a few EPs to their credit, production pair Hidden Empire deliver their debut album. It's a bold move, but one which showcases their production skills. "Journey Into Self" is a menacing, ebm-style groove, while on "World of Fantasy" and "Hummus", they drop pulsating, mesmerising tracks, like evolved versions of 90s trance. "Acid Flashback" is also redolent of the same decade, but recalls the wildest 303 excesses of Emanuel Top and vintage Harthouse. Proving that they are not just obsessed with the past, "In The Woods" is a noisy, rolling techno groove, while on "Fafnir", they channel the influence of the Middle East for a spellbinding percussive workout


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