Movin' Forward / Kina Music

Movin' Forward Kina Music

RELEASE TITLE Movin' Forward
LABEL Kina Music
GENRE Minimal / Deep Tech
AUDIO FORMAT AIFF Lossless 1411kbps & MP3 320kbps CBR
RELEASE DATE 2020-05-11

  1. Itu, Fulvio Ruffert - Rencontre (Original Mix) 06:44 126bpm A#min
  2. Parsec (UK) - Tidal (Original Mix) 08:11 127bpm Dmin
  3. Re-UP - Piervoloop (Original Mix) 06:49 129bpm A#maj
  4. Matri Cardi - Awakening (Original Mix) 08:09 128bpm D#min
  5. Duit Alom - Antracite (Riciar Ghir Remix) 06:53 126bpm Dmin
  6. Cor100 - Western (Original Mix) 08:15 125bpm A#maj
  7. Jacobo Saavedra - My Haunter (Original Mix) 07:41 126bpm Emin

Moving' Forward... because we strongly believe we must to do this!!!
Previously unreleased tracks by a selection of Artists we will have the chance to collaborate with during the 2020
Enjoy it!!

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