DJ Pierre Presents Acid 88, Vol. 2 AAD041

DJ Pierre Presents Acid 88, Vol. 2 AAD041

RELEASE TITLE DJ Pierre Presents Acid 88, Vol. 2
LABEL Afro Acid Digital / Get Physical Music
GENRE Techno, House, Acid
RELEASE DATE 06/15/2018


  1. Beyun - Manic Acid (6 Days a Week) 07:11 125bpm Amin
  2. Bloody Mary - Love Is Acid (Original Mix) 06:36 126bpm Cmaj
  3. Cardopusher - Bughouse (Original Mix) 05:52 120bpm F♯min
  4. Consequence, The Auditor - South London Analogue Movement (S.L.A.M.) 06:41 125bpm Dmin
  5. Gary Gamble - Acid Icon (Original Mix) 08:01 124bpm Bmin
  6. Gettoblaster, Missy - Fantasy (Original Mix) 04:56 124bpm Amin
  7. Hardfloor - Acid All the Way (Original Mix) 07:24 126bpm Amin
  8. Klienfeld - Knob Fatigue (Original Mix) 07:32 130bpm Amin
  9. Luke Vibert - Yeah (Original Mix) 04:58 120bpm Amin
  10. Phuture - Who Would Have Thought? feat. DJ Spank-Spank (Original Mix) 06:43 126bpm Amin
  11. Posthuman - Boxjam One (Original Mix) 08:08 126bpm Fmaj
  12. Thomas P. Heckmann - Some Good Acid (Original Mix) 05:40 124bpm Amin

DJ Pierre serves up the second edition of his revered Acid 88 project this June, featuring productions from Luke Vibert, Hardfloor, Posthuman, Bloody Mary, Phuture feat. DJ Spank Spank and more.
Following the unparalleled success of its Record Store Day vinyl release, 2018’s collection of tracks will now see a digital release in mid-June as Afro Acid founder and Acid House pioneer DJ Pierre welcomes a fresh set of artists to deliver their own interpretations of the classic Acid House sound, whilst unveiling a new production as Phuture in memory of his legendary production partner DJ Spank Spank.
“The godfather of acid house DJ Pierre delivers his own selection of stomping delights via his iconic ACID 88 project. Twelve original tracks from heavyweights such as Hardfloor, Thomas P Heckmann, Posthuman, Bloody Mary, Luke Vibert and the main man himself alongside his legendary partner in crime at Phuture, DJ Spank Spank (RIP).” – Afro Acid.
Phuture & DJ Spank Spank’s ‘Who Would Have Thought’ opens proceedings, combining menacing vocals with rich synth stabs, whilst German duo Hardfloor utilise twisting lead lines and laser sharp percussion throughout ‘Acid All The Way’. Gettoblaster & Missy and Garry Gamble’s efforts both layer infectious vocals amongst their ever-evolving arrangements, whilst the likes of Bloody Mary and Cardopusher shift the emphasis towards warping 303 lines and wicked bass licks.
Moving into the second half of the package, Thomas P Heckmann’s ‘Some Good Acid’ provides a well-placed and energetic injection of funk, whilst I Love Acid founders Posthuman’s ‘Boxjam One’ hones in on the duos innate ability to create intricate, unique acid sequences. To close, Klienfield’s ‘Knob Fatigue’ and Beyun’s ‘Manic Acid’ edge towards darker, techno and electro tinged territories, Luke Vibert turns in yet another essential acid cut in ‘Yeah’, before ConSequence vs. The Auditor punctuate the package in style with the stripped back ‘South London Analogue Movement’.


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