Quintessence, Vol. 2 IS017

Quintessence, Vol. 2 IS017

RELEASE TITLE Vol. 2, Quintessence
LABEL Inner Symphony
GENRE Melodic
RELEASE DATE 2018-07-23

  1. Ceas - Mio (Original Mix) 07:29 123bpm Fmin
  2. Clawz SG - Nebulous (Original Mix) 06:50 122bpm A#min
  3. Fractal Architect, Dan Baber - Relativity (Original Mix) 07:39 120bpm G#maj
  4. Hells Kitchen, Anders. - Odin (Original Mix) 06:27 120bpm F#min
  5. Hushkin - Goliath (Original Mix) 07:53 123bpm F#min
  6. Hushkin - Mimas (Original Mix) 08:23 122bpm C#min
  7. James Marley - Night Walk (Original Mix) 07:17 120bpm A#min
  8. James Marley - Solar (Original Mix) 05:55 120bpm A#min
  9. Mashk - Attraction (Original Mix) 08:13 120bpm Dmin
  10. Rustboy - Shine Of Polaris (Original Mix) 07:45 118bpm Gmin
  11. Soul Button - Meridian (Original Mix) 07:23 123bpm C#maj

One year and sixteen releases later, Inner Symphony is proud to present the second volume of its yearly album, "Quintessence". The album features eleven flawless melodic originals by Soul Button, Clawz SG, Ceas, James Marley, Mashk, Fractal Architect, Dan Baber, Rustboy and Hushkin.
Quintessence Vol. 02 unveils some of the shining stars that continue to burn a bit brighter throughout the year. Emotive, profound and uplifting ethereal techno are the key descriptors of this second volume which also includes a continuous mix of all the tracks mixed by Soul Button. The resulting album is an exercise in creativity which gives a fresh new take into an already exciting collection of soulful electronic songs.


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