Kitties Wanna Dance Vol. 4


VA - Kitties Wanna Dance 4
Label: Suara
Style: Deep House, Tech House, Techno
Release Date: 11-08-2014
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 332MB Download

Welcome to our succesful compilation series: "Kitties Wanna Dance". These kind of compilations are always a great way to promote fresh tracks. It's the perfect excuse to have the hottest artists all gathered together on the same release. The "Kitties wanna dance" always have a great mixture of danceable genres. That's why for this volume number four we have prepared twenty thumping cuts going from Groovy Tech House, Old School House, Funky House, Deep House... even Techno. In this compilation there's room for all kind of electronic music. Twenty tracks made by twenty innovative kitties that will delight your ears, your brain and your feet!. This is Kitties wanna dance! Who wanna dance with us?

01. Zaki, Saison - Give Me Light (Original Mix) 6:23
02. Cristoph - Delusions (Original Mix) 7:19
03. Jaceo - Fractal (Original Mix) 6:39
04. Tapesh, Volkoder - Rascal (Original Mix) 5:43
05. Dale Howard - Razor (Original Mix) 7:45
06. Eddie Amador, Ricardo Espino, Fernando Vidal - House Music Continues (Original Mix) 7:17
07. Jerome Robins, Zenbi - Abyssinian (Original Mix) 5:50
08. Charles Ramirez, Gary DF - Want It (Original Mix) 8:39
09. Sergio Fernandez - Buzzer (Original Mix) 5:53
10. DJ Boris - Don't You Know (Original Mix) 7:14
11. Dino Lenny - This Is Not The End (Original Mix) 8:49
12. Shiba San - Fuck Dat (Original Mix) 6:15
13. Charles Ramirez, Luca M, JUST2 - Rave Weapon (Original Mix) 7:03
14. Mat.Joe, Thabo Getsome - You See Me (Original Mix) 6:33
15. Metodi Hristov - Warning (Original Mix) 6:38
16. Wade - Moonlight (Original Mix) 5:59
17. ZDS - Dirtbag (Original Mix) 6:44
18. Sonic Future - Grey Cells (Original Mix) 6:06
19. Vanilla Ace, Adam Banks - Yulo (Original Mix) 6:21
20. Simone Vitullo - Solution (Original Mix) 7:29

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