Booka Shade - More! 2020 Remixes

More! 2020 Remixes

ARTIST Booka Shade
RELEASE TITLE More! 2020 Remixes
LABEL Blaufield Music
GENRE Melodic House & Techno
AUDIO FORMAT AIFF Lossless 1411kbps / MP3 320kbps CBR
RELEASE DATE 2020-08-14

  1. Booka Shade - Regenerate (Henri Bergmann Remix) 07:41 125bpm Bmin
  2. Booka Shade - Bad Love (Monastetiq Remix) 07:00 122bpm Cmin
  3. Booka Shade - LA Telly (Simao Remix) 06:54 126bpm Cmin
  4. Booka Shade - Regenerate (Arm In Arm Remix) 07:18 123bpm Bmin
  5. Booka Shade - Bad Love (Monastetiq Remix Instrumental) 07:00 122bpm Cmin
  6. Booka Shade - Regenerate (Prismode & Solvane Remix) 06:20 125bpm Dmaj
  7. Booka Shade - No Difference (Booka Shade 2020 Rework) 06:46 127bpm Cmin

Originally released in 2010, Booka Shade's eleven-track LP 'More!' brought with it classic productions such as 'Regenerate', 'Donut' and 'Teenage Spaceman', and a shift back towards the duo's iconic hypnotic synth lines and dancefloor sonics. Ten years on from its release, mid-August welcomes six fresh takes on the album provided by a plethora of new talent as they welcome Watergate's rising star Henri Bergmann, Blaufield regulars Arm In Arm, fryhide talent Simao, Ukrainian duo Monastetiq, and Ritter Butzke residents Prismode & Solvane to deliver remixes of their favourite tracks from the project, whilst also reworking 'No Difference' themselves to complete the package.

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