Future Disco Visions of Love

Future Disco: Visions of Love

RELEASE TITLE Future Disco: Visions of Love
LABEL Future Disco
GENRE Nu Disco / Disco
RELEASE DATE 2020-07-31

  1. Moon Boots - Tied Up (Kenny Dope Extended Remix) 07:47 124bpm Fmaj
  2. Kraak & Smaak - Sweet Time feat. FitzRoy (Yuksek Dub Remix) 05:07 121bpm Dmin
  3. Doorly, Colour Castle, Misingo - Jaspers Keys (Doorly’s Club Dub Mix) 04:53 122bpm Amin
  4. Tender Games - Movin' (Original Mix) 05:47 134bpm A#min
  5. Moullinex - Club Cotton (Future Disco Edit) 05:13 125bpm Dmin
  6. Gruvee - Whatcha Gonna Do (Original Mix) 05:32 124bpm Emin
  7. Chrissy - Your Ghost (X-Coast Remix) 04:36 136bpm A#min
  8. Panthera Krause - Birthday Club (Original Mix) 05:13 130bpm Amin
  9. Kornel Kovacs - Marathon feat. Rebecca & Fiona (Original Mix) 03:48 127bpm Amin
  10. Shinichiro Yokota - Timeless (Original Mix) 05:38 120bpm Amin
  11. SIRS - Night Wind (Future Disco Dub) 05:21 115bpm Amin
  12. Phenomenal Handclap Band - Remain Silent (Superpitcher Remix) 08:17 113bpm Amin
  13. boys be kko - Big Boys Don't Cry (Future Disco Edit) 05:52 120bpm A#min
  14. Lane 8 - Feld (Original Mix) 05:49 122bpm Cmaj
  15. LeSale - Love U Baby (Original Mix) 07:06 120bpm Gmin
  16. David Jackson - Broken Heart (Original Mix) 06:44 120bpm Gmin
  17. Lifelike, Alex Rossi - Italo Amore (Musumeci Edit) 07:27 120bpm Cmin
  18. The Mekanism - Missing Love (Musumeci Remix) 05:22 122bpm Fmaj
  19. Kiwi, Ghost Culture - I Feel Better (Original Mix) 06:40 124bpm C#maj
  20. Donny Benet - Konichiwa (Original Mix) 04:37 110bpm Dmin
  21. Ekkah - After Me & You (Shiro Schwarz Remix) 03:52 105bpm D#min

Whether it's the dancefloors of New York disco, today's house clubs or the early raves of acid house, they all share one idea in common – Visions Of Love. No boundaries, no barriers and no judgement - just a shared unity through dancing and music. Here we showcase Future Disco's Visions of Love, on a journey of todays and tomorrows global disco sounds. This 21 track specially edited mix includes exclusive Future Disco edits as well as brand new unreleased tracks. To the future (disco) with love.

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