JAMIIE Save The Night Chart

JAMIIE Save The Night Chart

RELEASE TITLE Save The Night Chart
GENRE Indie Dance, Melodic House & Techno, Afro House, Electronica, Organic House / Downtempo
RELEASE DATE 2020-08-19
CHART DATE 2020-08-13
WEBSTORE beatport.com/chart/save-the-night/638861


  1. Sanoi, Elif (TR) - Bamboo Forest (Original Mix) 07:23 122bpm Emin
  2. Stil & Bense - Pulsar (Original Mix) 08:12 123bpm Gmin
  3. Deckert - 1-1 (Parsifal Remix) 06:42 122bpm Dmaj
  4. Felix Raphael, Yannek Maunz - Shifted Frequencies (Niko Schwind Remix) 06:31 118bpm Dmin
  5. Feon - The Sun Is High (Original Mix) 09:30 113bpm Dmaj
  6. Pablo Fierro - Kalimera (Original Mix) 08:32 118bpm Cmin
  7. Annett Gapstream - Finally (Max Tresher Remix) 06:33 123bpm D#min
  8. Rauschhaus, Daniele Di Martino, Robin Schellenberg - Avior (Original Mix) 07:25 122bpm Cmaj
  9. Budda Sage, Kususa, Froote - Dimension (Original Mix) 06:51 122bpm Fmaj
  10. Rodriguez Jr. - What Is Real feat. Liset Alea (Floyd Lavine Remix) 06:22 123bpm Dmin
  11. Matteo Bruscagin, Angelmoon, Visnadi - Rain feat. Danny Losito (Original Mix) 05:18 122bpm F#min
  12. Damian Lazarus - Mountain (Original Mix) 05:00 124bpm Amin

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