Sebastian Markiewicz - Nitrogen / Hydrogen TULIPA180

Sebastian Markiewicz - Nitrogen / Hydrogen TULIPA180 Tulipa Recordings

ARTIST Sebastian Markiewicz

RELEASE TITLE Nitrogen / Hydrogen
LABEL Tulipa Recordings
GENRE Techno, Tech House
RELEASE DATE 2017-08-04
QUALITY 320kbps CBR Joint Stereo 44100Hz
SIZE 79.95 MB


Sebastian Markiewicz - Hydrogen (Ivan Coronel Remix) 06:48 125bpm Amin
Sebastian Markiewicz - Hydrogen (Original Mix) 07:32 120bpm Amin
Sebastian Markiewicz - Nitrogen (Chris Rusu Remix) 06:28 120bpm Dmin
Sebastian Markiewicz - Nitrogen (Kunkel & Moog Remix) 07:10 123bpm Amin
Sebastian Markiewicz - Nitrogen (Original Mix) 06:27 120bpm Amaj

Sebastian Markiewicz hauls a thunderstorm in his backpack as he steps into the Tulipa realm. Inside the bag are five bolts of electricity which fire outward as he displays the contents to the gardens. The lightning wraps around the tulips, putting a searing-hot choke hold on the five glowing flowers. This strange experience is mysteriously known as Nitrogen / Hydrogen and it presents itself as a luminous portrait of the powers contained within hypnotic music. The remixes are envisioned by Kunkel & Moog, Chris Rusu, and Ivan Coronel. Each creates a fresh comprehension of the originals and provides underground music fans with the option to choose their poison.
Juniper and the language of kin. Coagulated blood brother ritual. A streetlight named The Choir. Robust lozenge. Further hidden pretty neighbors. The voyage went wrong for months until he clammed up. Insert pension here. A windowsill for hyper-romantic baristas. Vernacular perm. The dodgy charismatic. Orphanage steak house. Aqua shades licked up the lamp. You and me are classic silhouettes. Mountain rust forms on the horizon. Stagecoach bogey. The existential rumble caressed my spine like a loose rambler. A chandelier galaxy. Respect the shade in an all-too-risky situation. Homebody anxiety. The mixture of callousness and ecstasy.
2017 Tulipa Recordings
Artwork by Justin Chodzko
Words by Summer (Brendon Collins)


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