VA - Summer Of Love GU500

Summer Of Love

LABEL Glasgow Underground
GENRE House, Deep House, Nu Disco / Disco
RELEASE DATE 2020-09-11

  1. Lambert & Handle - Get In Love (Right Now) (Kevin McKay Extended Remix) 07:06 122bpm F#min
  2. Kevin McKay, Joshwa (UK) - Such A Good Feeling (Earth n Days Extended Remix) 05:11 124bpm Cmin
  3. Junior Jack - E Samba (The Cube Guys & Kevin McKay Extended Version) 05:24 126bpm Gmin
  4. Moreno Pezzolato, Kevin McKay - 1, 2 Step (Kevin's Extended 12" Disco Mix) 05:59 124bpm Gmin
  5. Kevin McKay, Mallin - Lose Your Love (Extended Mix) 06:38 127bpm Gmin
  6. Kevin McKay, Rozie Gyems - Pearls (Extended Mix) 07:34 124bpm Gmin
  7. Flashmob - Deeper Underground (Kevin McKay Extended Remix) 07:09 126bpm A#min
  8. Tanera - Magic Underwear (Kevin McKay Mix Edit) 02:47 127bpm Gmin
  9. Kevin McKay - Come Together (Extended Mix) 05:49 124bpm Dmin
  10. Lee Cabrera, Kevin McKay - Gimme Gimme feat. Bleech (Extended Club Mix) 06:55 126bpm Dmin
  11. Paul Rudder, Cøhen - Flowers At My Balcony (Kevin McKay Extended Edit) 05:46 125bpm Fmin
  12. Kevin McKay, CASSIMM - Save Me (Qubiko Extended Remix) 07:37 124bpm Emin
  13. Kevin McKay, Elliotte Williams-N'Dure, Sam Dexter - Real Love (Kevin McKay Extended Edit) 06:59 125bpm Bmin
  14. Kevin McKay, Tom Caruso - Freak Like Me (Kevin's VIP) 07:02 124bpm Bmin
  15. David Penn, Kevin McKay - Hallelujah (Odyssey Inc. Extended Remix) 06:39 124bpm Amaj

Dance music albums have traditionally been split into two camps; artist albums and DJ mix albums. There have been brilliant examples of each obviously but I have always felt that it was hard to capture the club experience in an artist album and equally difficult to give a true artist perspective in a DJ mix album. For some reason, it was generally frowned upon to have remixes of your work included in your artist album, unless they were "bonus" tracks. I never understood this, to me, it was no different to having different producers on different tracks on a rock or pop album.
Thankfully, with the streaming services taking a different view on how the "artist" is portrayed in remixes, it is, for me, easier to create a truer vision of a dance music artist album. All the tracks on this album were either conceived, produced or remixed by me and the tracks that have been remixed by others, the remixes were commission by me.
It is the first time with a DJ mix album that I can truly say this is reflective of my DJ sets and, for the first time, I can deliver a truly artist-focussed club album experience. Which is a great way to celebrate the 500th release on Glasgow Underground. (Or its taken me 500 releases to work this out!).
Kevin McKay, August 2020.

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