Balance presents The Soundgarden BAL027DIGI

Balance presents The Soundgarden

ARTIST VA / Nick Warren
RELEASE TITLE Balance presents The Soundgarden
LABEL Balance Music
GENRE Melodic House & Techno, Electronica / Downtempo, Progressive House, Indie Dance, Deep House
QUALITY FLAC Lossless 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2019-10-18

Nick Warren should require no introduction: as one of the biggest DJs in progressive house during the '90s, through to his work as one half of Way Out West (with Jody Wisternoff) and his A&R work with Hope Recordings - Warren is an electronic music mainstay whose fan base has only grown stronger with the advent of his own platform - The Soundgarden. He is long overdue for his return to Balance's lauded compilation series, which follows up 2011's Balance 018. He brings two mixes of exclusive music here that expound everything that makes his concept so exciting. The first mix highlights include Arp's beatless ambient affair "Gemma III", the legendary Arovane teaming up with Synkro on the evocative "Aspen" and Warren himself teaming up with label staple Nicolas Rado on the slinky and hypnotic mood music of "Balance". On the second mix, we were really feeling Yoni Yarchi & Daniel Van Der Zwaag's mesmerising exploration of the deep that is "Into The Wild", Baunder's captivating dancefloor narrative heard on "38 & 46" and scene hero Hernan Cattaneo teaming up with the Audio Junkies on the adrenalised dancefloor drama of their "Neu Kobenhavn" remix.

  1. Nick Warren - Balance presents The Soundgarden (Continuous Mix 1) 77:13 121bpm Dmin
  2. Nick Warren - Balance presents The Soundgarden (Continuous Mix 2) 79:39 122bpm Amin
  3. Aarp - Gemma III (Original Mix) 03:30 120bpm Bmaj
  4. RIGOONI - Dreamed Numbers (Original Mix) 09:44 120bpm G#min
  5. Bigasti, Balad - With You (Original Mix) 07:07 122bpm D#min
  6. Arovane, Synkro - Aspen (Original Mix) 05:14 120bpm D#min
  7. Scippo - Rumy (Original Mix) 07:04 122bpm C#maj
  8. Kamilo Sanclemente - Urania (Balance Mix) 08:57 122bpm C#maj
  9. Nick Warren, Nicolas Rada - Balance (Original Mix) 08:00 122bpm Fmaj
  10. Darper - Crystal Voyager (Original Mix) 07:16 121bpm Fmin
  11. K Loveski, Ewan Rill - Omega Torra (Original Mix) 07:28 122bpm Dmin
  12. Emi Galvan - Embrace (Original Mix) 06:57 118bpm Gmin
  13. Ben Archbold - SF (Intro Mix) 03:04 125bpm Dmin
  14. Baunder - 38 & 46 (Original Mix) 07:52 120bpm Dmin
  15. Nico Szabo - Soledad (Day Mix) 07:52 118bpm Dmin
  16. Yoni Yarchi, Daniel van der Zwaag - From Tel Aviv to Amsterdam (Original Mix) 07:13 120bpm Amin
  17. Yoni Yarchi, Daniel van der Zwaag - Into the Wild (Balance Version) 05:22 110bpm Dmin
  18. Six - Berlin (Original Mix) 06:37 110bpm Gmin
  19. Scippo - Harry (Original Mix) 07:28 114bpm Dmin
  20. Black 8 - Black Tiger (Original Mix) 08:54 115bpm Dmin
  21. Dmitry Molosh - Note (Original Mix) 08:48 118bpm Amaj
  22. Lerr - Moments (Original Mix) 07:25 118bpm Cmaj
  23. Armen Miran - Last Chance (Original Mix) 08:26 122bpm Dmin
  24. Nick Warren, Black 8 - Dreamcatcher (Original Mix) 09:38 115bpm Amin
  25. Nichols (UK) - Magnificent Creatures (Original Mix) 08:24 120bpm Fmaj
  26. No-No, Nobilis - Diagonal 77 (Original Mix) 08:00 122bpm Emin
  27. Eli Nissan - Restricted Delusions (Original Mix) 07:18 120bpm Amin
  28. Stillhead - Neu Kobenhavn (Hernan Cattaneo & Audio Junkies Remix) 06:25 125bpm Amin
  29. Oliver & Tom - Luly (Original Mix) 08:27 122bpm Cmaj


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