Moulton Music Amsterdam 2019 MM182

Moulton Music Amsterdam 2019

RELEASE TITLE Moulton Music Amsterdam 2019
LABEL Moulton Music
GENRE House, Deep House, Soulful House
QUALITY FLAC Lossless 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2019-10-18

For our 2019 Moulton Music Amsterdam Mix, we enlisted label head honcho Homero Espinosa, who treats us to a fantastic voyage through unreleased weapons and hidden gems, along with some new heat. Check it out today!

  1. Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa, Seven Davis Jr. - You Should Be Dancing (Unreleased DJ E-Clyps Remix) 05:43 124bpm Amin
  2. David Harness, Mark De Clive Lowe - Harmony (Unreleased Homero Espinosa Tuff Mix) 05:20 124bpm Fmaj
  3. Homero Espinosa, Allen Craig - Everybody's Singin' (2005 Unreleased) 06:49 125bpm Dmin
  4. Blakkat - Job Satisfaction (Homero Espinosa Remix - 2019 Re-Edit) 05:59 124bpm Amin
  5. Homero Espinosa, Allen Craig - We Stay Together (Original 2005 Mix - 2019 Remaster) 06:50 127bpm Bmin
  6. Homero Espinosa, Cubase Dan - Funk Player (Unreleased 2006 Mix) 06:42 124bpm Cmin
  7. Till Von Sein, KE - Enjoy My Love (Homero Espinosa Remix - Unreleased Andrew Emil Instrumental Edit) 08:33 121bpm Amin
  8. Demarkus Lewis - It Never Gets Old (Homero Espinosa Remix) 06:35 123bpm Amin
  9. Powder Monkeys - Holdin On (Homero Espinosa Dub Mix) 05:35 122bpm Amin
  10. Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa - What Ya Saying? (Original Mix) 05:36 117bpm Bmin
  11. The Sharper Image - The Shade (The SyntheTigers Remix) 07:34 123bpm Amin
  12. Homero Espinosa, Cris Herrera, Tokita - Unconscious Therapy (Original Mix) 05:05 124bpm Amin
  13. Cubase Dan - You Stay On My Mind (Unreleased Acapella) 03:48 122bpm G#maj
  14. Homero Espinosa - Love Say (Fred Everything Remix) 06:44 124bpm Fmin
  15. Homero Espinosa, Cubase Dan - All Day All Night (Original Mix) 05:56 122bpm Amin
  16. Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa - Work.Groove (Original Mix) 05:32 122bpm Gmin
  17. Glass Slipper - Vibin' With My Tribe (Homero Espinosa Remix) 05:53 123bpm Amin
  18. Yogi, Homero Espinosa - Give It To Me (Fred Everything Remix) 06:14 120bpm Amin
  19. Homero Espinosa, Allen Craig - Monsieur (Phaze Dee Remix) 07:04 125bpm Amin
  20. Yogi, Homero Espinosa, Kevin Kind - Nothing But Love (Jazz Mix) 06:04 124bpm Dmin
  21. David Harness, Chris Lum, Lady Alma, The Rainmakers, Cecil, Relevant Sound - Let It Fall (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix) 08:07 126bpm Gmin
  22. Homero Espinosa - Moulton Music Amsterdam 2019 (Continuous DJ Mix) 80:02 124bpm Amin


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