Gezender - Om

Gezender - Om International DeeJay Gigolo Records

ARTIST Gezender
LABEL International DeeJay Gigolo Records
CATALOG 10126252
GENRE Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Electronica / Downtempo, Techno


  1. Gezender - Anytia (Original Mix) 08:50 124bpm Bmaj
  2. Gezender - Duhkha (L_cio Remix) 08:40 125bpm Emaj
  3. Gezender - Duhkha (Original Mix) 08:18 125bpm Emaj
  4. Gezender - Kala (Original Mix) 02:36 88bpm Emaj
  5. Gezender & Moebiius - Moksa (Original Mix) 07:39 127bpm Amin

Gigolo records presents a new artist signing from South Amerika as a highlight in their autumn release campaign. The three track Ep show a first insight of their craft.

Reconstructing technologic and musical dispositives, Gezender transits between music and image. The fugue of the real world through science and the conscious of divinity draw a mystic parallel among a proximity of fiction and reality in the music. With paced beats, fluid pads and breaks sometimes contemplative, sometimes violent, the fluidity and tension flows in his DJ sets. One and a half year ago, Gezender moved to São Paulo (Brazil) to start playing and producing his own tracks. "OM" is the his second release, in parternship whit Moebiius, a new artist based in Florianópolis, Southern Brazil.

The artists say about their release: Six months ago, we started a research on zen music, mantras and buddhist songs and tried to bring it to sensible and sensory techno whit spiritual, philosophical and political questions. Living in São Paulo, the heavy mood of the city bring us too a violence for our music. The beginning of that experience was more emotional then aesthetics and the result is a compilation of feelings of living on hard city, whit hard parties and a personal way of living, searching for inner peace and balance. We used zen bells for meditation, fluid pads and transcendental modulations to ramp up our music on a techno bass. Between acid, cosmic, dub, we found a way to express ourselves and a view of the world we live - an antagonistic and urban way of human trance.


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