Modal - Time Domain UT038

Modal - Time Domain UT038 Us & Them Records


LABEL Us & Them Records
GENRE Techno
RELEASE DATE 2017-10-30
QUALITY 320kbps CBR Stereo 44100Hz
SIZE 81.98 MB


Modal - Afasia (Original Mix) 06:59 126bpm Amaj
Modal - Memoria (Original Mix) 07:04 122bpm Fmin
Modal - Olento (Original Mix) 06:57 120bpm C#min
Modal - Senso (Original Mix) 07:28 122bpm Cmin
Modal - Vertigine (Original Mix) 06:44 126bpm Dmaj

Time Domain is a 5 tracks trip through Modal's point of view of dance music. A discontinuous style in composition and production, as opportunity to explore different genres. The title hides a philosophical concept behind a mathematical definition. The Time is a kingdom of different thoughts and feelings. If we stop to consider time just as seconds, minutes, hours, we start to put in this word a multitude of meanings. The tracks of the Ep are related to these meanings.
Afasia was born on a solid kick drum and a heavy nineties synth solo, focused on trance music.
Memoria is ethereal and has its origins to some techno inspired by soundtrack composers.
Vertigine is a "jack-in-the-box" track: "the box" is dark, "jack" - the core - is an arpeggio who grows till a bit crusher comes to dissolve the emphasis.
Olento's main lead synth part was written on a techno drum pattern, later adapted on a deep house background, arranged with a Yamaha DX7 and a Fender Rhodes.
Senso is the last track in order of composition, and represent the starting point of my new research in electronic dance music.


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