Beatport Peak Hour Tracks Deep House Nov 2019

Beatport Peak Hour Tracks Deep House Nov 2019

RELEASE TITLE Beatport Peak Hour Tracks Deep House Nov 2019
GENRE Deep House
DATE CREATED 2019-11-12
RELEASE DATE 2019-11-29
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
Peak hour calls for high-impact selections, and our genre experts know just what you need to tear the house down.

  1. Angel-A, Rahaan - True To Myself (Karizma Remix) 06:49 122bpm Amaj LDF Recordings
  2. Carlo - Kilimanjaro Coconut (Original Mix) 06:19 124bpm A#min Madhouse Records
  3. Dwson - Till You See It feat. J'Something (Original Mix) 06:26 120bpm Bmaj Stay True Sounds
  4. Eva Be - Delight (Ian Pooley Remix) 05:56 124bpm Dmin Poker Flat Recordings
  5. Jerome Sydenham - Purple Beech (Original Mix) 05:58 125bpm Amin Ibadan Records
  6. La Fleur - Hunting Grounds (Viggo Dyst Skydiving Remix) 05:11 126bpm Bmaj Power Plant Records
  7. Le Hutin - Move Real Slow (Original Mix) 07:40 127bpm Cmin Sub_Urban
  8. Lea Lisa - Something for the Dancers (Kerri Chandler Dark Mix) 08:29 124bpm F#min Wolf Music Recordings
  9. Lebedev (RU) - Get Down (Jarred Gallo Remix) 05:47 118bpm Amin Large Music
  10. Lucas Keizer - You (Original Mix) 06:48 124bpm Amin Large Music
  11. Lugovskiy - Noises In My Ears (Original Mix) 05:50 127bpm C#min Nurvous Records
  12. Manuel Sahagun - On Point (Original Mix) 06:53 126bpm Fmaj Freerange Records
  13. Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa - School Dayz (Original Mix) 06:53 118bpm A#maj Robsoul Recordings
  14. Matt Masters - Gonna Make (Original Mix) 06:03 122bpm G#min Freerange Records
  15. Mousse T. & Peven Everett - Pleasure (Crackazat Remix) 06:44 120bpm Cm Peppermint Jam
  16. Rawdio - Blue Hearts (Original Mix) 05:49 123bpm Am No Fuss Records
  17. Souldynamic - Vohibola (Original Mix) 06:07 123bpm Bmaj Excedo Records
  18. Soulfuledge, Jackson Swaby - Late Night in Brooklyn (Original Mix) 05:38 122bpm A#min Soulfuledge Recordings
  19. Sune, Tillman - Moovin' feat. Tillman, Tillman (Original Mix) 06:21 121bpm A#maj Let's Play House
  20. Walter Lee - Ear Tattoo (Original Mix) 05:54 123bpm Fmaj Dufflebag Recordings

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