Beatport Peak Hour Tracks Techno Nov 2019

Beatport Peak Hour Tracks Techno Nov 2019

RELEASE TITLE Beatport Peak Hour Tracks Techno Nov 2019
GENRE Techno
DATE CREATED 2019-11-12
RELEASE DATE 2019-11-29
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
Peak hour calls for high-impact selections, and our genre experts know just what you need to tear the house down.

  1. Altinbas - Ionosphere (Original Mix) 05:26 132bpm Bmin Non Series
  2. Andrea Oliva - Jam Table (Marco Faraone Love Is A Lie Remix) 06:56 128bpm Dmin Truesoul
  3. BEC - Lost in Change (Original Mix) 05:32 130bpm Amin Second State
  4. Belocca - Human Progress (Original Mix) 06:12 131bpm Cmin Codex Recordings
  5. Ben Riss - All Night (Original Mix) 06:32 130bpm Amin IAMT
  6. Caitlin - Freaks & Misfits (Victor Ruiz Remix) 08:26 128bpm Gmaj Electric Ballroom
  7. Carbon - Softly Twisted (Original Mix) 06:51 126bpm Emaj Senso Sounds
  8. Christian Nielsen - Gold (Original Mix) 04:36 125bpm Amaj Kompakt Extra
  9. Jay Lumen - Planet III (Original Mix) 07:28 130bpm Fmaj Footwork
  10. KlangKuenstler - Hexenmeister (Original Mix) 06:38 136bpm Dmaj OUTWORLD
  11. Marck D, Buitrago - Black Hole (Original Mix) 06:45 128bpm Amin Phobiq
  12. Mha Iri, Andrea Signore - Omnia (Original Mix) 07:40 128bpm Gmin Orange Recordings
  13. P.leone - Hard To Find (Original Mix) 06:24 136bpm Dmaj Rekids
  14. Planetary Assault Systems - Whip It Good (Original Mix) 08:14 134bpm Amaj Ostgut Ton
  15. Pleasurekraft, The YellowHeads - Prison Planet (Original Mix) 07:34 128bpm Amin Kraftek
  16. Raito - Energy (Original Mix) 05:52 128bpm Gmaj Octopus Records
  17. Second Face, Lowshape - Golden Door (Bolster Remix) 08:07 130bpm F#min Immersion
  18. Surgeon - First (Outline Mix) (Len Faki Hardspace Mix) 05:48 130bpm Amin LF RMX
  19. Teenage Mutants, Drunken Kong - Mainz (Original Mix) 06:33 128bpm Amin Tronic
  20. UMEK - Managing the Moments (Original Mix) 07:37 128bpm Amin Filth on Acid

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