Va Family From Friends Session One

Va Family From Friends Session One

RELEASE TITLE Va Family From Friends Session One
LABEL Tzinah Records
GENRE Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2019-11-19

And so, we continue our journey into the electronic minimal house realm and we end up with a great 'family from friends', from all the artists that are working with us towards the same goal. And that is to give you the best dance-floor music and to bring it to your attention the up-and-coming artists and music creators that we believe to be the next rising starts of these scene. New names, like always, are: Laumee, Andrey Djackonda, Djosh, Dorothy's Dream, Pablo Cornejo, Shaked, Juan Ferreyra, Whyt, Schmulenson and accompanied by our veteran Senoo. This is, first of the new sessions, VA Family from Friends from Tzinah with Love!
VA - Family from Friends Session One [TZH125] incl. Laumee, Senoo, Andrey Djackonda, Djosh, Dorothy's Dream, Pablo Cornejo, Shaked, Juan Ferreyra, Whyt and Schmulenson is supported by Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Archie Hamilton, Mihai Popoviciu, Jorge Savoretti, Lumieux, Michel de Hey, David Gtronic, BRYZ, Lizz, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Iuly.B, Kirik, Primarie, Cvtkvc, Suolo, Herck, Costin Rp, Georgia Girl, Teluric, Faster, Chad Andrew, Varhat, Scott Kemp, Olivian Nour, Alex Rusu, Vincent Casanova, Loopdeville, Sebastian Eric, Dragutesku, Ramona Yacef, Vlad Arapasu, vlf and many more! Thank you!
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  1. Laumee - Modulei (Original Mix) 08:50 124bpm Bmin
  2. Pablo Cornejo - Mapu (Original Mix) 09:02 125bpm Dmin
  3. Senoo - Fjutsha (Original Mix) 07:02 128bpm Amin
  4. Andrey Djackonda - Before You Sleep (Original Mix) 08:16 126bpm Bmin
  5. Dorothy's Dream - Acid Oz (Original Mix) 08:03 125bpm Amin
  6. Djosh - Chiriunguito (Original Mix) 09:24 126bpm Cmin
  7. Shakèd - Perro From Mars (Original Mix) 07:38 125bpm Amaj
  8. Juan Ferreyra - Muchas Gracias Por Favor (Original Mix) 09:14 125bpm Dmin
  9. WHYT - Top Shelf (Original Mix) 07:49 125bpm Cmin
  10. Schmulenson - Pleione Sounds (Original Mix) 10:40 129bpm Fmaj


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