Yoshitoshi 25 House YRD054

Yoshitoshi 25: House

RELEASE TITLE Yoshitoshi 25: House
LABEL Yoshitoshi Recordings
GENRE House, Deep House, Tech House
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2019-11-15

Mention Yoshitoshi to someone who grew up raving in the late 90's and early 2000's and there's a good chance they'll get a twinkle in their eye as memories of tracks like Eddie Amador's 'House Music,' PQM's 'You Are Sleeping,' Alactraz's 'Giv Me Luv', and Luzon's 'The Baguio Track' come flooding back. The label has produced some of dance music's most timeless records, including some of Deep Dish's own early work & remixes, plus iconic tracks like Chiapet's 'Westworld' and 'Tick Tock', Brother Brown's 'Under The Water', Kings of Tomorrow's numerous classics as KOT and Mysterious People, YMC's 'Last Stop,' Dino Lenny's 'I Feel Stereo,' 2 Smokin' Barrels' 'Basses Loaded,' Sasha & BT's seminal '2 Fat C**ts,' Lexicon Ave's 'Here I Am,' Loudeast's 'Lights Off!' and many many more. The list is really too long. Through it all Yoshitoshi's focus has always been to push forward entire genres of music and never allow itself to be pinned down to one style or sound. Some might say this is no way to run a label, that hopping between genres is a surefire path to failure. Well, twenty-five years later, Yoshitoshi is still going strong, having been an instrumental force in forging many of today's dance music superstars. It's a formula that's yielded astonishing results, simply because of the label's dedication to finding, nurturing, and championing forward-thinking talent above all else.

The contributors to Yoshitoshi's immense catalog read like an encyclopedia of dance music. Whether through original work or remixes, the label has been a pit stop for many of the industry's titans from all walks of dance music. From legends like Sasha, BT, Roger Sanchez, Louie Vega, Kings of Tomorrow, Mood II Swing, Adam Beyer, Nic Fanciulli, Pig & Dan, Behrouz, and Thomas Schumacher, to bright up-and-comers like Victor Ruiz, ANNA, Cristoph, ANDHIM, Matador, Shiba San, Sacha Robotti, Sinisa Tamamovic, Ardalan, Khainz and Nicole Moudaber, the label has served as an incubator for what's to come. There's a high chance that if you're anyone in dance music, you've left your mark on the Yoshi catalogue, and Yoshi has left its fingerprints on you.

Few labels reach their silver jubilee, especially in the fast-paced, single-driven world of house and techno. In celebration of its rich twenty-five-year history in dance music, Yoshitoshi will release three unique compilations each filled with a 25 track mix of remastered classics, modern hits, and new remixes from some of the greatest names in House, Techno, and Melodic House.

For the House edition of Yoshitoshi 25, the label has compiled a selection of freshly remastered classics like the Skylark edit of Chiapet's 'Westworld,' DYAD10's 'Sugar (Sweet Thing),' Latino Circus's 'In Your Soul,' and more, plus newer records from the label's recent output like Robosonic's remix of Eddie Amador's 'House Music,' OC & Verde and Eli & Fur's 'Sweet Perfection,' and Themba's 'Vuma.' To top things off, we had two amazing new reworks from house superstar David Penn and seasoned vet Cevin Fisher. Penn puts his spin on Holmes Ives's '8 Letters,' coupling the original's memorable vocals with his signature sound. The track's groove is utterly infectious, with a huge piano breakdown and a thumping bassline that makes this remix an instant classic. Fisher re-edits Kings of Tomorrow's 'Fade II Black,' beefing up the original with modern drums and a new arrangement that brings this timeless vocal house track back to life. Spanning the gamut from Yoshitoshi's 90's deep house roots to modern-day melodic house, we're excited to kick off Yoshitoshi's 25th anniversary series with this impeccable selection of tracks.

  1. Holmes Ives, Avalon Frost - 8 Letters (David Penn Extended Remix) 06:56 124bpm Cmin
  2. Kings Of Tomorrow - Fade II Black (Cevin Fisher Re-Edit) 06:17 125bpm A#min
  3. Eddie Amador - House Music (Robosonic Remix) 06:47 123bpm G#min
  4. Bernard Leon Howard III - Marscarter (2019 Remaster) 07:06 126bpm A#min
  5. YMC - Last Stop (2019 Remaster) 07:29 126bpm Emaj
  6. Aaaron - Black Arp (Original Mix) 07:05 123bpm Amin
  7. 6400 Crew - Dubb Me Some'tin Fresh (Original Mix) 08:07 128bpm Amin
  8. Eli & Fur, OC & Verde - Sweet Perfection (Original Mix) 08:24 124bpm Dmin
  9. Latino Circus - In Your Soul (Deep Blue Mix 2019 Remaster) 09:57 123bpm Emin
  10. Miguel Migs - Find What's Mine (Mig's Transporters Vocal 2019 Remaster) 07:15 126bpm Amaj
  11. Eddie Amador - Psycho X Girlfriend (Ardalan Remix) 06:19 124bpm Fmaj
  12. Danny Howells, Dick Trevor - Dusk Till Dawn (2019 Remaster) 08:54 128bpm Cmin
  13. Chris Brann, Delilah - Delilah (B Strong 4 Me) (2019 Remaster) 09:09 121bpm A#min
  14. Anthony Attalla - F1 (Original Mix) 07:28 123bpm Gmin
  15. Mysterious People - Love Revolution (Mood II Swing Remix 1 2019 Remaster) 07:55 123bpm D#min
  16. Dished Out Bums - Laavburds (Mix 1 2019 Remaster) 10:07 124bpm Amaj
  17. DYAD10 - Sugar (Sweet Thing) (2019 Remaster) 06:03 132bpm Bmin
  18. Joystick - Keep On Groovin' (2019 Remaster) 08:19 128bpm Dmin
  19. Chiapet - Westworld (Skylark Edit 2019 Remaster) 08:41 127bpm Bmin
  20. Themba - Vuma (Original Mix) 07:12 125bpm Amaj
  21. Li'sha - That's Why I'm Here (Migs Deluxe Soul Vocal 2019 Remaster) 07:12 126bpm Amin
  22. Rony Seikaly, Episode - Holdin On (Original Mix) 07:04 121bpm Bmin
  23. Mysterious People - Fly Away (16B Remix 2019 Remaster) 11:22 124bpm Gmin
  24. Yellow Sox - Flim Flam (Original Mix 2019 Remaster) 08:14 124bpm Bmin
  25. YMC - Tranceatlantic (2019 Remaster) 05:56 126bpm A#min


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