Llywellyn ap Gruffydd EP CCC1277

Llywellyn ap Gruffydd EP CCC1277 Crow Castle Cuts

RELEASE TITLE Llywellyn ap Gruffydd EP
LABEL Crow Castle Cuts
GENRE Deep House

  1. Cy - Queensbridge Chatta (Original Mix) 07:46 123bpm A?min
  2. Dunder Karlsson - Fet (Original Mix) 07:16 106bpm Cmin
  3. Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt - Place of Love (Original Mix) 05:30 120bpm Dmin
  4. Luv Jam - 4%%Hedgehog (Original Mix) 05:56 120bpm Amin
  5. wAFF - KT B (Original Mix) 06:22 124bpm Cmaj
  6. Yasmin Lebonque - The Castle Ooibonck (Original Mix) 05:30 130bpm Cmaj

Welsh label Crow Castle Cuts just about cram all the talent onto this release - the third in a series of four releases that has to date proved popular with fans of highly limited twelve inches that come replete with slick design and excellent house tracks. Now availabel on digital, Ap Gruffydd EP is no different, joining the dots on the many corners of the house and techno spectrum with aplomb. First you get wiggling acid techno from the ever excellent Luv Jam, explorations of mind scraping alien techno from the mysterious WAFF and sumptuously poised sampledelic analogue beatdown on Cy's brilliant "Queensbridge Chatta". The tempo veers even further south but the temperature remains ever warm with Yasmin Lebonque's "The Castle Ooibonck" whilst Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt introduce an off kilter tone with the heavenly "Place Of Love" dominated by the constant waves of epic chords. Tip!


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