20 Years Of fabric FRO000D FLAC Hi-Res

20 Years Of fabric

RELEASE TITLE 20 Years Of fabric
LABEL Fabric
GENRE Techno, Dance
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 24bit Hi-Res
RELEASE DATE 2019-12-06

Take a look down the tracklist of Fabric 20th anniversary release and you'll be met with a generation of artists that have helped shape the institution in all manner of ways, be it legendary DJ sets or residencies to previous releases to the FabricLive mix compilations and so on. Inside you'll find a who's who of genre influencers, be they Margaret Dygas and Marcel Dettmann with their European minimal and techno connection, to the more left field and UK-centralised club sounds from Pinch & Trim, Call Super and Special Request. Classics have been leafed from Source Direct, UNKLE and Shackleton, with B.Traits, Maya Jane Coles and Daniel Avery rankable alongside Sascha, Nina Kraviz and Groove Armada in filling a most influential time capsule of club music and DJ culture history.

  1. Nina Kraviz - Da (Original Mix) 04:11 140bpm Amaj
  2. Steffi - Ankertje (Original Mix) 05:12 70bpm Cmaj
  3. Imogen - Bizant (Original Mix) 04:42 141bpm D#min
  4. Marcel Dettmann - Taste 2.0 (Original Mix) 05:42 127bpm Amin
  5. Cassy - Joey (Original Mix) 05:36 126bpm G#maj
  6. Anastasia Kristensen - Go Getter (Original Mix) 05:41 137bpm Amin
  7. Margaret Dygas - Zeitgeist (Original Mix) 10:35 120bpm Amin
  8. Call Super - Echothread (Original Mix) 05:54 108bpm D#min
  9. Maya Jane Coles - Reason (Original Mix) 05:27 124bpm Fmaj
  10. Sasha - Comet Chaser (Original Mix) 07:11 126bpm Amin
  11. Special Request - Codename Turbo Nutter (Original Mix) 05:38 113bpm Amin
  12. Source Direct - Vigilante (Original Mix) 07:23 113bpm A#min
  13. J. Majik - The Lost Tribe (Original Mix) 05:14 162bpm Gmin
  14. Shackleton - Drawn and Quartered (Original Mix) 08:09 136bpm Cmin
  15. Pinch, Trim - That Wasn't It (Original Mix) 02:43 128bpm Amin
  16. Daniel Avery - Whilst We've Got Metal In Our Blood (Original Mix) 04:00 145bpm G#maj
  17. Mantra - Embers (Original Mix) 05:22 127bpm Amin
  18. B.Traits - Mameya (Original Mix) 06:06 126bpm Gmin
  19. Groove Armada - Wesley Nightshade (Original Mix) 06:09 118bpm Amin
  20. UNKLE - Catch Me When I Fall (fabric Club Mix) 10:46 115bpm Amin


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