Balance presents Vivrant FLAC

Balance presents Vivrant

ARTIST VA / Jeremy Olander
RELEASE TITLE Balance presents Vivrant (Mixed by Jeremy Olander)
LABEL Balance Music
GENRE Melodic House & Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit (tracks) & MP3 320 Kbps (mixes)
RELEASE DATE 2019-11-29

Since its inception in 2015, Jeremy Olander's label and event series, Vivrant, has become a home to new and established artists such as Khen, Finnebassen, Henry Saiz and more - all presenting their unique take on melodic house and techno. Now it is releasing its first ever mix album for Melbourne's Balance Music - and also happens to be the first in Olander's career thus far. With this long overdue project, he is bringing two discs of exclusive music from himself (under his darker techno alias Dhillon), and friends such as La Fleur, Ejeca, Locked Groove, Marino Canal and Tim Engelhardt, in addition to newcomers like A Friend Of Marcus and Carl Dern. Olander stated that the mix 'encompasses what the label sounds like in 2019 and beyond.. a true manifestation of our style, and what it's grown to become in the four years since we started.'

  1. Jeremy Olander - Balance presents Vivrant (Continuous Mix 1) 60:44 119bpm Amin
  2. Jeremy Olander - Balance presents Vivrant (Continuous Mix 2) 64:25 122bpm Amaj
  3. J.Singh - Wake Up (Original Mix) 04:10 118bpm Cmin
  4. J.Singh - Movements of a Dream (Original Mix) 05:47 118bpm Cmin
  5. J.Singh - Marschen (Original Mix) 06:14 118bpm Cmaj
  6. Dhillon - Dharma (J.Singh Remix) 04:12 118bpm Gmin
  7. Miguel Payda, Marino Canal - Hidden Eyes (Original Mix) 07:37 120bpm Amin
  8. Tim Engelhardt - Timing (Original Mix) 06:33 122bpm Amaj
  9. Jeremy Olander - 3ways (Original Mix) 09:33 124bpm Amin
  10. Jeremy Olander - Osho (Original Mix) 06:56 124bpm C#min
  11. Jeremy Olander - Saigon (Original Mix) 05:37 123bpm D#min
  12. Jeremy Olander - Nattuggla (Original Mix) 06:23 123bpm A#min
  13. Jeremy Olander - First Sights (Original Mix) 07:53 122bpm D#maj
  14. Jeremy Olander - Akzo (Original Mix) 07:21 123bpm Amaj
  15. Jeremy Olander - Yoyo (Original Mix) 06:17 123bpm Amin
  16. Jeremy Olander - Memnon (Original Mix) 07:27 124bpm Gmaj
  17. Locked Groove - Islands (Original Mix) 06:18 122bpm F#min
  18. La Fleur - Second Story (Original Mix) 06:22 122bpm Amin
  19. Ejeca - Bends (Original Mix) 06:16 124bpm A#min
  20. Tim Engelhardt - Papillon (Original Mix) 07:38 124bpm C#min
  21. Jeremy Olander - Postais (Original Mix) 07:43 121bpm D#min
  22. A Friend of Marcus - Multiple Rays (Original Mix) 08:58 122bpm G#min
  23. Carl Dern - Eyes Up (Original Mix) 06:51 123bpm Amin
  24. Jeremy Olander - Life After Death (Original Mix) 07:26 122bpm Fmin


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