Beatport Peak Hour Tracks Minimal Deep Tech Nov 2019

Beatport Peak Hour Tracks Minimal Deep Tech Nov 2019

RELEASE TITLE Beatport Peak Hour Tracks Minimal Deep Tech Nov 2019
GENRE Minimal Deep Tech
DATE CREATED 2019-11-12
RELEASE DATE 2019-12-03
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
Peak hour calls for high-impact selections, and our genre experts know just what you need to tear the house down.

  1. Adonis Rivera - Ghetto Gospel (Original Mix) 08:04 125bpm Amin Deeperfect Records
  2. Aske Izan - De Noche (James Dexter Remix) 06:04 124bpm Amin Family Partner
  3. August Artier - Rakuyou (Original Mix) 05:59 123bpm Fmin Kindisch
  4. Azteca - Stellar Core (Original Mix) 08:07 126bpm Bmin Moan
  5. Babayaga, Josh Blackwell - SPF 1 (Original Mix) 06:24 125bpm Gmaj Syncopate Afterhours
  6. Bärtaub - Marble (Original Mix) 07:43 126bpm A#min R&S Records
  7. Connor-S - Soho Girl feat. Kamal Imani (Original Mix) 06:40 126bpm Amin Whoyostro White
  8. Danny Noble - Junglism (Original Mix) 06:11 128bpm Amin Lemon Juice Records
  9. Dennis Cruz - Daily Routine (Original Mix) 05:38 125bpm Amin Lemon-aid Music
  10. Doc Martin, Lubelski - Souls feat. Lillia (Harry Romero Remix) 06:01 125bpm Dmin Desert Hearts Records
  11. Gaga, Mateo! - Coax (Original Mix) 06:30 126bpm Bmin Dark Face Recordings
  12. Joseph Mancino - Universal Inspiration (Tripio X Remix) 07:24 124bpm Bmin Ole Rec
  13. LooseJaw - I'm Not Going Down (Neither Remix) 06:17 123bpm Amin Whoyostro
  14. Marco C. - Money (Original Mix) 05:37 125bpm Dmin Pure Enjoyment Recording
  15. Mat.Theo - Mambo Tech (Original Mix) 06:09 124bpm F#min Reshape Black
  16. Rick Eckboch - Time Glass (Original Mix) 05:21 127bpm G#min Cat Tea Party Records
  17. Sosta - Undertable (Original Mix) 06:34 124bpm Cmaj Bontek Music
  18. Stefano Crabuzza - Losing Control (Original Mix) 06:15 125bpm Amin MUSE
  19. Tony Kairom - Dangerous Heart (Original Mix) 05:57 125bpm Fmaj Blackpoint Records
  20. Vernon Bara - Little Helper 357-1 (Original Mix) 07:18 125bpm Cmaj Little Helpers

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