Stefano Noferini Nice Break Chart

Stefano Noferini Nice Break Chart

ARTIST Stefano Noferini
RELEASE TITLE Nice Break Chart
GENRE Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House, House, Indie Dance
DATE CREATED 2019-11-18
RELEASE DATE 2019-12-01
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit


  1. Adonis Rivera - Ghetto Gospel (Original Mix) 08:04 125bpm Amin Deeperfect Records
  2. Aleem - Filtri Organi (Traumer Remix) 07:09 128bpm Dmin Deeperfect Records
  3. Bryan Kessler - Such A Sweet Ability (Original Mix) 06:56 120bpm Fmin Hafendisko
  4. Christian Burkhardt, Andre Buljat - Saturday (Original Mix) 07:18 125bpm Amaj Sanity
  5. Dimmish - No Drama (Original Mix) 07:13 126bpm Gmin Deeperfect Records
  6. Harry Romero - Mood Vision (Original Mix) 06:27 124bpm Bmin Cecille
  7. Jay Oss - MoonSun (Original Mix) 06:50 123bpm Amin Habitat
  8. Ohmme - Us (Original Mix) 07:18 125bpm Amin Diversions Music
  9. Rayan Hermes - Flashing Memory (Lubelski Remix) 05:42 129bpm F#min Sagmen
  10. Stefano Noferini - Nice Break (Original Mix) 07:21 128bpm A#min Deeperfect Records

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