Beatport Top 100 House November 2016 (30-11-2016)

Beatport TOP 100 House

Beatport Top 100 House November 2016

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001. Charles J – Do You Want (Original Mix) (04:13) 122bpm Amin 9.77MB PornoStar Records
002. Leandro Da Silva – I Love House Music (Club Mix) (05:58) 124bpm F#min 13.70MB InStereo Recordings
003. Antoine Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas – Comin’ (Original Mix) (05:50) 126bpm Bmin 13.41MB InStereo Recordings
004. Tommyboy, DragonFly, Crzibz – Aquardiente (Jude & Frank Remix) (06:14) 125bpm A#maj 14.40MB PornoStar Records
005. Dennis Ferrer, Sagine – Bubbletop feat. Sagine (DF’s Bubble Wrapped Mix) (06:13) 124bpm Fmin 14.36MB Defected
006. Artists – Track (Original Mix) 123bpm Dmin
007. Juliet Sikora, Return of the Jaded – Did You Take My Money (Original Mix) (06:21) 124bpm Amaj 14.61MB Suara
008. Alex Kenji – Yeah Yeah Yeah (Original Club Mix) (05:45) 123bpm Emin 13.23MB Enormous Tunes
009. Jude & Frank – La Luna (Original Mix) (06:59) 125bpm A#min 16.10MB PornoStar Records
010. Roland Clark, Ultra Nate – The First Time Free (Claptone Remix) (05:38) 120bpm Fmaj 12.97MB Defected
011. Cookie Crumbles – Where Are You Now (Extended Mix) (06:17) 124bpm Cmin 14.51MB AFTR:HRS
012. Crzbz, Jazzy X – Saxomatic (Original Mix) (04:46) 124bpm Gmin 11.00MB PornoStar Records
013. Bob Sinclar, Daddy’s Groove – Burning (Extended Mix) (05:57) 125bpm Bmaj 13.71MB SPINNIN’ RECORDS
014. Full Intention – Keep Pushing (Original Mix) (06:27) 124bpm Amaj 14.81MB Defected
015. Catz ‘n Dogz – It’s Happening (Original Mix) (06:19) 123bpm Amin 14.57MB Pets Recordings
016. Kyle Watson, Popartlive – Sink Deep (Nora en Pure Club Remix) (06:10) 123bpm Cmin 14.19MB Enormous Tunes
017. Dajae, Riva Starr – The Loft (Emanuel Satie Remix) (06:32) 123bpm Amaj 15.04MB Cajual
018. Leandro Da Silva – Sambodromo (Original Mix) (06:15) 124bpm Amaj 14.36MB InStereo Recordings
019. Mark Funk, Danny Cruz – Givin My Love (Original Mix) (05:58) 124bpm D#min 13.74MB Guesthouse Music
020. Steve Lawler – Show the Way (Original Mix) (05:54) 125bpm Amin 13.57MB VIVa MUSiC
021. Martin Waslewski – Clouds (Purple Disco Machine Remix) (06:40) 121bpm Dmin 15.31MB Suara
022. Sonny Fodera, Alex Mills – Always Gonna Be feat. Alex Mills (Original Mix) (04:03) 122bpm Bmin 9.38MB Defected
023. Anabel Englund – London Headache (Crookers Remix) (05:14) 123bpm Amaj 12.02MB Defected
024. Nora En Pure – Convincing (Original Club Mix) (05:27) 122bpm Dmin 12.56MB Enormous Tunes
025. Federico Scavo – Que Pasa (Tom Staar Remix) (05:06) 126bpm Dmin 11.77MB d:vision
026. M-22, Hayley May – Good For Me feat. Hayley May (M-22 & Sonic Matta Club Version) (05:25) 124bpm Gmin 12.43MB Refune Music
027. Will K – Cafe Leche (Extended Mix) (05:02) 126bpm D#min 11.55MB Axtone Records
028. Luca Debonaire, Kiki Doll – Praque (Original Mix) (06:13) 124bpm Amin 14.33MB Black Lizard Records
029. Mark Knight – Yebisah (Original Mix) (08:23) 124bpm Dmin 19.23MB Toolroom
030. Roland Clark, Powers That Be – Planet Rock (Claptone Remix) (05:32) 120bpm Bmin 12.74MB Defected
031. Josh Butler – Innocence feat. Tom Da Lips (Original Mix) (06:16) 123bpm Bmin 14.39MB Strictly Rhythm
032. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams (Shadow Child Remix) (06:02) 125bpm Cmaj 13.88MB Food Digital
033. Illyus & Barrientos – Get Up, Don’t Stop (Original Mix) (04:53) 125bpm Dmin 11.25MB Suara
034. Sonny Fodera, Yasmeen – Caught Up feat. Yasmeen (Original Mix) (04:28) 125bpm Gmin 10.33MB Defected
035. Jude & Frank – Spicy Collins (Original Mix) (06:14) 125bpm Amin 14.32MB InStereo Recordings
036. Duke Dumont – Be Here (Original Mix) (05:15) 124bpm Bmaj 12.11MB Defected
037. Jude & Frank – Hold the Bassline (Original Mix) (05:59) 125bpm D#min 13.76MB Jango Music
038. Dino Lenny, Doorly – The Magic Room (Dino Lenny & Seth Troxler Re-Edit) (08:30) 120bpm Amaj 19.52MB Play It Say It
039. Block & Crown, Benny Camaro – Inside My House (Original Club Mix) (06:13) 124bpm A#maj 14.31MB No Definition
040. Nicola Fasano, Miami Rockets – No Way (Alex Guesta Mix) (03:43) 124bpm Emin 8.60MB Route75 Records
041. Freiboitar – Nobody Dance (Original Mix) (06:50) 120bpm A#min 15.80MB No Brainer Records
042. KiNK – Chorus (Original Mix) (06:13) 125bpm D#maj 14.36MB Midnight Shift
043. Inaya Day, Gabry Venus – When I’m Alone (The Cube Guys Remix) (05:43) 126bpm Fmin 13.16MB Double Sound Records
044. Full Intention – Keep Pushing (Todd Terry Remix) (06:30) 124bpm Amin 14.93MB Defected
045. Zsak – Rushin’ (Original Mix) (04:40) 124bpm Emin 10.81MB PornoStar Records
046. Vibe Killers – Love You (Original Mix) (06:26) 125bpm Amin 14.79MB Solä
047. Menini & Viani – Got A Feeling (The Cube Guys Mix) (06:29) bpm Emaj 14.91MB Cube Recordings
048. KiNK – Valentine’s Groove (Original Mix) (07:45) 125bpm Amin 17.84MB Clone Royal Oak
049. Josh Butler – What Is Real (Original Mix) (06:08) 124bpm Amin 14.09MB Strictly Rhythm
050. Nightcrawlers – Push the Feeling (Agua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran Remix) (07:10) 125bpm Bmin 16.44MB Pacha Recordings
051. Tom Staar, Martina Camargo – Me Sueno feat. Martina Camargo (Extended Mix) (05:23) 126bpm Cmin 12.43MB Cartel Music
052. Gershon Jackson – Take it Easy (Sonny Fodera & Mat.Joe Remix) (06:47) 124bpm Cmaj 15.60MB Strictly Rhythm
053. MD X-Spress, Simion – God Made Me Feel It (Claptone Edit) (05:19) 122bpm Dmin 12.25MB Defected
054. Weiss (UK) – You’re Sunshine (Original Mix) (06:02) 123bpm A#min 13.87MB Toolroom
055. Andydy – Kiss (Original Mix) (07:28) 122bpm Amin 17.16MB Go Deeva Records
056. Golden Summer – In The City (Claptone Edit) (06:47) 122bpm Cmin 15.58MB Golden
057. Sonny Fodera, Janai – You & I feat. Janai (Original Mix) (06:31) 124bpm Dmin 14.98MB Defected
058. Purple Disco Machine – DRUMATIC (Original Mix) (05:11) 120bpm Fmaj 11.96MB Kittball
059. DJ Deeon, Lee Walker – Freak Like Me (Sonny Fodera Remix) (06:54) 123bpm Amin 15.84MB Defected
060. Tolstoi, Andsan – Chicago House (Original Mix) (05:37) 123bpm D#maj 12.90MB Go Deeva Records
061. Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra – Too Much Information (Laolu Remix (Edit)) (08:32) 120bpm D#min 19.57MB Innervisions
062. Yan Kings – BABAYAGA (Original Mix) (04:42) 124bpm Cmaj 10.83MB Under Town Records
063. Alex Kenji – No Party (Original Mix) (05:41) 124bpm Bmin 13.06MB Hotfingers
064. Babert – Sex Machine (Ivan Jack Remix) (05:14) 120bpm Amin 12.05MB Disco Revenge
065. Makoda – Vista (Original Mix) (05:16) 122bpm G#min 12.09MB Shomi
066. Sam Divine, Curtis Gabriel, Nat Conway – Confessions feat. Nat Conway (Original Mix) (05:33) 123bpm A#min 12.75MB Defected
067. Oliver Dollar – Go Down (Original Mix) (06:18) 122bpm Amin 14.48MB Play It Down
068. Alaia & Gallo, Kevin Haden – Who Is He feat. Kevin Haden (Claptone Remix) (05:35) 121bpm G#min 12.89MB ITH (Defected In The House)
069. Rene Amesz, Ferreck Dawn – Lord (Original Mix) (05:23) 121bpm G#min 12.40MB SPINNIN’ DEEP
070. Kyle Watson, Popartlive – Sink Deep (Original Club Mix) (07:02) 123bpm Cmin 16.17MB Enormous Tunes
071. Crzbz – Coco Loco 2016 (Jude & Frank Remix) (06:12) 125bpm Gmaj 14.28MB
072. Blaze – Lovelee Dae (Bicep Remix) (06:58) 124bpm Gmin 16.03MB Feel My Bicep
073. Luca Debonaire – Got The Feelin (Club Mix) (05:44) 126bpm Bmin 13.21MB PornoStar Records
074. DJ Dan, Ido – That Sound (Original Mix) (05:03) 125bpm Fmaj 11.67MB InStereo Recordings
075. Dave Rose, Jeremy Carr – Again (Original Mix) (05:15) 125bpm A#min 12.10MB Black Lizard Records
076. Boris Dlugosch, Purple Disco Machine – Set It Out (Original Mix) (06:34) 123bpm Emin 15.07MB Defected
077. Sonny Fodera, Janai – You & I feat. Janai (Original Mix) (05:17) 124bpm Dmin 12.18MB Defected
078. Block & Crown – The Witness Feat. Jeff Bloom (Original Mix) (05:35) 123bpm Amin 12.84MB InStereo Recordings
079. Luca Debonaire, Leandro Da Silva – Planetary Whistle (Original Club Mix) (06:48) 124bpm Amin 15.68MB No Definition
080. Soul Vision – Don’t Stop (Dario D’Attis Remix) (06:55) 123bpm Emin 15.89MB DFTD
081. Joeski – My Drummer (Original Mix) (06:32) 124bpm A#min 14.99MB Lower East
082. Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro – I Believe (Original Mix) (07:18) 125bpm Dmin 16.75MB Exploited
083. Luca Debonaire, Leandro Da Silva – Here Once Again (Original Mix) (05:14) 126bpm Fmin 12.06MB Rawtone Black
084. Happy Clappers – I Believe (The Cube Guys Remix 2016) (07:29) 125bpm Dmaj 17.20MB Cube Recordings
085. DJ S.K.T – Poison (Original Mix) (05:44) 123bpm Dmin 13.18MB Up-Tempo Records
086. Dino Lenny, Doorly – The Magic Room (Doorly Re-Chunk Mix) (08:11) 120bpm Amaj 18.80MB Play It Say It
087. Sonny Atienza – Scratch My Dreams (Original Mix) (06:02) 124bpm Emin 13.90MB Black Lizard Records
088. MK, AxMxE – My Love 4 U feat. AxMxE (CamelPhat Remix) (07:11) 124bpm Gmin 16.51MB Ultra
089. Mirko Boni – Yo Soy Candela (Original Mix) (05:30) 125bpm Bmin 12.69MB PornoStar Records
090. Peverell Bros – I Love It (Original Mix) (05:48) 124bpm Gmin 13.36MB Jango Music
091. DJ Dan, Mike Balance – No Stoppin’ Us (DJ Dan & Ido Remix) (05:47) 125bpm Cmin 13.31MB InStereo Recordings
092. Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Rio Dela Duna – Me Gusta (Original Mix) (06:22) 123bpm Dmin 14.65MB Whore House
093. Phil Fuldner – Bus Stop (Original Mix) (05:27) 121bpm Cmaj 12.54MB Mother Recordings
094. Mason – This Ain’t No Disco (Original Mix) (05:02) 124bpm Amaj 11.61MB Bunny Tiger
095. Artists – H0ld 0n (Original Mix) (06:34) 123bpm G#min 15MB
096. Luca Debonaire – You Got The Chance (Original Mix) (06:17) 126bpm Emin 14.44MB Whore House
097. Dusky – Runny Nose (Original Mix) (04:14) 125bpm A#min 9.75MB 17 Steps
098. Richy Ahmed, Gloria Adereti – Put Me In A Trance feat. Gloria Adereti (Original Mix) (07:03) 125bpm Amin 16.19MB Four Thirty Two
099. Mall Grab – I Just Wanna (Original Mix) (04:53) 125bpm Amin 11.24MB Hot Haus Recs
100. Luca Debonaire – Dope Yeah (Original Mix) (05:42) 126bpm Amin 13.17MB PornoStar Records


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